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Do you want to be part of Costco? Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet is experiencing explosive growth and a need to expand our already highly talented, loving, extremely good-looking and fun-at-a-party staff. We’re ¬†officially a worker-owned collective, and we consider each other family. That means it is really important to us to get to know the people who want to camp with us at Burning Man before we confirm that they will be a part of our team. So every year we conduct a formal application process. This is our opportunity to ask you questions, give you information, and (just like a real job interview) it gives both parties a chance to see if the other is the right fit!

This is the hardest, most meaningful work I have ever done in my life,” said CEO, Rico.

The position you are applying for is the CSR position as a Full Time member of the camp. This interview process is similar in nature, but not degree, to what you would be doing on Playa except you are in the role of customer. The interview process consists not only of this form but also includes contact by: email, txt, phone calls, skype or smoke signal. At the end of the interview process, we will either make you an offer to join the camp or let you know that we don’t think CSTO & you are quite the right fit.

Please fill out the application form below. Before you start typing, please ensure that your sense of humour has been activated.

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    Some people go for 10 years without ever receiving a Playa name. Others start their first burn with one.This is the name you would like us to use to address you by

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    If I am accepted as a member of this camp, I recognize that this is a service-based theme camp and I agree to participate fully including helping during camp setup, camp takedown, cooking the required number of meals as part of a team and working the required number of store shifts during Burning Man. I understand that if I fail to complete these commitments I may not be invited to participate with the camp in future years or may be summarily ejected from the camp.
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    How many times have you been to Burning Man?(required)

    How have you been involved with Burning Man?
    This includes any regionals event or projects, either on or off playa.

    What about Burning Man appeals to you?(required)

    Are you excited about the burn? What do you think of the theme this year?(required)

    Have you volunteered with CSTO before? If yes, tell us about it.(required)

    How did you hear about the opportunity to camp with Costco? (required)

    Do you know anyone who is camping or has camped with CSTO? If so, who? (required)

    Why do you want to camp with CSTO?(required)

    Why does CSTO want to camp with you? (required)

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    What should we know about you that we did not already touch on above? (required)

    Tiffany is looking for a box of crayons. Inside the box is every color you can imagine. Maus gives you a hug. How do you feel about your baby taking the morning train? (required)

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