Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000
From: Fiona <>
Subject: Hello?

I guess that since you have contacted me, I will take this
opportunity to tell you about the awesome fucking amazing
incredible soulmate I picked up at your camp in 1998! Actually,
it's not quite that simple.

In 1998, I stopped by Costco and filled out an application. It
was the end of the week and when I went back, I discovered that
I had been given a boy and a girl (being bisexual and all). I
was exhausted, and never went and found either of them....

Fast-forward to the year 2000. I decide to make a reconaissance
mission to Burning Flipside, being held in Austin, TX to
see if I want to move to the area. I meet all sorts of
wonderful people, including a lovely woman named Lola. One
night somebody turns to Lola and says, "Hey, Leopard Queen." I
perk up immediately on the mention of the name.

"Are you Leopard Queen from Gigsville?" I ask her. She admits
that she is, indeed, one and the same.

"Ohmigod!" I say. "You're my soulmate!" I explain the rest of
the story to her while everyone else sits about, dumbfounded
at the scene before them.

Since then, she and I have spent quite a bit of time together,
and it's working out beautifully. We will both be living in
Austin soon, and have identified each other as ideal partners
in crime. I can't even tell you how pleased I am with my
new soulmate!

Feel free to use our story as one of your success stories. We
had several wonderful photos taken of us over the weekend,
and I will send one when they are in my hot little hands.

Best wishes, and thanks again.