Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 
From: Jay Campbell <>
Subject: Re: web pages (fwd)

> I hope you are not allowing yourselves to be bullied by a 
> large corporation.

I'm afraid we are. In no uncertain terms, they've stated
"Costco must pursue this matter to preserve its rights and to
protect its reputation and goodwill." Admittedly, I don't know
all the subleties of trademark law, but I have noticed that
most television parodies I've seen use a spin-off of the name
being mocked -- not real names or logos. Even if your content
eventually proves to fall under the "fair use" category, I don't
have the resources to get tangled up in a legal fray at this
time. You may call it cowardice; I call it choosing my battles.

On a personal note, I'm sorry to see you being pursued. As a
rule, I do defend the rights of my customers to post whatever
material, regardless of social mores, that they wish .. without
letting the company step over to the wrong side of the legal
line. Our server houses conspiracy fanatics, fetish pornography,
and net.kooks of all flavors; it does not, however (to my
knowledge) house child pornography, nuclear bomb instructions,
or any other illegal content. Personal taste isn't a factor
.. it's the law. I won't rant any more; I just wanted you to
know this wasn't a cold, corporate, stock-answer decision.

Good luck in your future endeavors.
Jay Campbell