Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998
From: Mark Mulligan
Subject: customer service

To whom it may concern,

upon a visit to the northlake blvd. lake part FL. store I was
very surprised.  I arrived at the store about ten min. before
opening and found about fifty customers waiting outside for the
store to open!   the doors did not open till exactly ten
o'clock not a second sooner.

Now don't get me wrong I am the customer service manager for
the HOME DEPOT in Jupiter fl. so I know what it is like to deal
with the public from both sides of the door, but you should
Know that the customers waiting outside all felt that the store
has very poor customer service. The employees that opened the
door were hurried and annoyed by the number of people waiting.
I know that your people have tasks to perform before opening
the store but the fact that we were waiting seemed to set them

I shop in Costco quite often and have felt that the customer
service was lacking at most times. 

I know when we have customers waiting outside at my store we
announce that we are letting the customers in and start our
day. If the customer is waiting for us we offer them service to
get them on there way. when I tried to find the store manager
the members of the staff I asked could not tell me where he was
of if he was there, how is that? 

Your company is overall very good and growing fast don't let
yourselves grow past the customer service that got you to that

Mark Mulligan
Jupiter Fl

Please respond so I know I haven't wasted my time in trying to
inform you of something you might not have noticed.

Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998
From: Missy Clayman
Subject: RE: customer service

Dear Rico:

Thank you for forwarding this message from Mr. Mulligan.

Missy Clayman
Costco Wholesale
Membership Services Department

Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998
From: nellie kookesh 
Subject: RE: customer service

I would like you to know that, if the store in Juneau
is serious about catering to the rural communities in
alaska that they should be prepared.

All of our travel is done by ferry, and we sometimes
cant afford to take our vehicles with us to haul our
groveries.  So then, it seems that on more than one
occasion, costco did not have ONE box or ONE bag to
carry our groceries in and we are traveling by BOAT.
Why even sell the items if there is nothing to put
them in? We didn't have enough pockets to put all of
our stuff in.  It seems that if you are going to sell
products, then provide bags and or BOXES WITH LIDS!
This was during the christmas season when everyone is
shopping.  If we are paying to shop, then at least
provide products to carry our groveries home in.

Fred Meyers has never let us down in that regard.