Costco Witness Protection Program

Disturbing, but funny:

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999
From: Concerned Employee <>
Subject: Report of employee Theft.

I work at the Costco store in Monrovia CA. And have been a long
and faithful employee of Costco. I have always worked hard and
keep my nose (clean). I make very good money at Costco. (Thank
God) And Costco has always treated me fair. I will have to be
a little vague at times in this report so you do not discover
my identity.    This letter will be sent to other heads of
employment at Costco. To inshore and inform them that (you)
have full sentence of this letter to you.

I learned of the thefts that have been going on for sometime
now. At a party that I attended with other Costco employees. And
later that nite on the phone.

Lou and Sherry Trevino work at the Monrovia store in Monrovia
CA and are Husband and Wife.  Mr. Trevino works in the meat
dept. And marks a code on the meat packages. He marks the better
priced meat at a lesser meat for his wife and friends at a
lesser price. This has been going on for sometime now. Jewelry
and other  merchandise is being stolen out of the store by
the Trevino's. Sherry Trevino is (Inventory Auditer) and can
hide the theft for days or weeks untill the merchandise is
well out of the store and sold. Also Mr. Trevino is a ex-felon
and has lied on his employee application that he was not. Lou
and Sherry have been involved in the theft of cigarettes at
the Lantana store the time that the thefts came through the
roof. And other thefts of cigarettes at other stores. When
I first started working at Costco, Husband and Wife were not
allowed to work at the same store. I can see why now.

    Your friend and faithful Employee,
                            God bless